The American people deserve better than President Joe Biden.

It’s not hyperbole to say that Biden’s first year in office has been a disaster. He promised to “end COVID,” but his administration has overseen two virus surges more deadly than any President Trump faced. He promised to bring a “return to normalcy,” but got American troops killed in a botched withdrawal from Afghanistan. And he promised a strong economic recovery, but inflation is at a 40-year-high and shelves are bare.

And that’s just the serious stuff. Biden embarrasses this nation every time he stands in front of a microphone. Just this week, in his unhinged “voting rights” speech, he called Kamala Harris “President Harris,” which is the second time he’s made that particular gaffe.

This isn’t surprising, of course. Biden has been a gaffe machine his entire career. It’s no wonder Barack Obama said, “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f*** things up.”

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Biden’s performance makes me sad… and it makes me angry. Why? Because I see how much everyday Americans care about this country, and I believe they deserve so, so much more than Sleepy Joe Biden.

I get the opportunity to travel the country every year and speak to the men and women who drive this country forward. These folks aren’t celebrities or politicians. They’re business owners, welders, accountants, and stay-at-home moms. They’re the ones most impacted by the terrible policies coming out of Washington, but they feel powerless to stop it.

That doesn’t mean they sit on their hands. They volunteer at their children’s schools, work at the local food bank, and run for state and local offices. They do everything in their power to make the United States a freer and more prosperous place for their children and grandchildren.

They care deeply about their country, but they see the country they love slipping away. They see this disaster of a president and wonder how we got here. They don’t feel heard by the corrupt Congress, and the Supreme Court’s decisions are a 50-50 proposition. Will the next round of rulings preserve freedom and our constitutional republic? Or will they empower Washington to lord its will over all 50 states?

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These Americans deserve better. They deserve a better president, sure, but I want more than that for them. I want them to be able to control the policies and laws under which they live. I want them to have the freedom to pursue happiness without overbearing regulations from unelected bureaucrats. I want them, like the Founding Generation, to have the freedom to govern themselves.

A president can’t do that, and Congress and the Courts never will. Only constitutional amendments proposed by a Convention of States can reverse the centralization of power in Washington and return that power where it belongs: with the people and the states.

With power located in state capitols rather than Capitol Hill, the everyday Americans I’ve come to know and respect will once again have the ability to dictate their own destinies. That’s what they deserve, and that’s what I’m pursuing at Convention of States.

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Mark was a co-founder of the Tea Party Patriots, and served as the national coordinator. He left the organization to work more broadly on expanding the self-governance movement beyond the partisan divide. Mark appears regularly on television in outlets as diverse as MSNBC, ABC, NBC, Fox News, CNN, Bloomberg, Fox Business and the BBC. He’s highly sought after for the tea party perspective from print and electronic media outlets, from the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, L.A. Times, Washington Examiner, Politico and the The Hill. Mark blogs at, and his opinion editorials regularly run in many of the leading political newspapers both on and offline. Mark has a BA in English from San Diego State University and graduated with honors from University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law in 1988. He practiced real estate and business law for almost a decade. For the last eleven years of his legal career he specialized in Internet advertising law. When not fighting for the future of our nation, Mark is an avid horseman, and lives in rural northern California with his wife Patty and two children.