In the latest attempt to push a global totalitarian government, a University of Cambridge research paper suggests that authoritarian power be used around the world to combat the grave consequences of climate change.

The research paper states that climate change is such a critical issue that it would be dangerous for governments to maintain democracy and rights. Instead, these governments must use authoritarian power to ensure safety and security among their citizens.

Author Ross Mittiga questions the legitimacy of authoritarian power and suggests that “maintaining democracy and rights is typically compatible with guaranteeing safety” under normal conditions, but “emergency situations” requires emergency actions.

The writer compares the use of authoritarian power to COVID-19, in which people were limited in their ability to move and live freely, and then explains the even more dire threat climate change poses.

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“Climate change poses an even graver threat to public safety. Consequently, I argue, legitimacy may require a similarly authoritarian approach. While unsettling, this suggests the political importance of climate action,” writes Mittiga. 

Mittiga’s stance is obviously evil, but it’s also unrealistic and naïve. Even if they had the power, our “leaders” couldn’t solve the climate change problem. 

We all experienced first-hand how ineffective and worthless our government was under the so-called COVID-19 emergency. Why would anyone think that governments could control billions of people in an apparent climate crisis?

The CDC, WHO and other world governments have become illegitimate in the eyes of millions, which has been a great learning lesson for many freedom-lovers. After the past two years, the only reason anyone would be claiming more control over peoples’ lives is because they are the ones who want that power. 

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The greatest lie of all is that mankind can work with the universe to prevent natural events from occurring. The claim comes from arrogant individuals who hope the fear of death is enough to result in an obedient society. 

With this kind of thought circulating in American media today, it’s important to stand behind an organization that is willing to defend all constitutional rights and give the power back to the people. 

A Convention of States can help to prevent insanity like this from becoming reality in the United States.

Called under Article V of the Constitution, a Convention of States can propose constitutional amendments that prohibit authoritarian control once and for all. These amendments can slash the power and jurisdiction of the federal government by limiting their authority to only those topics expressly mentioned in the Constitution. If “climate change” isn’t mentioned, that topic will be left up to the states and the people.

As fear-mongers make authoritarianism attractive to more and more people, we need a Convention of States now more than ever.