In the midst of a year full of COVID confusion, Afghanistan withdrawal failures, and border chaos, our supposed ‘unifying leader’ took 95 days of personal time away from the Oval Office. 

That’s right. Commander-in-Chief Joe Biden spent a quarter of his first year as president on vacation, and not a working vacation. 

If that’s not an obvious reason to shrink the president’s power, what is? 

Just over two weeks into his presidency, Biden headed home to Delaware, and by October, he had made at least 25 trips home. Even the fact checkers had to mark it as true. With the amount of security and Secret Service agents needed for the president, that has cost taxpayers a whopping $3 million.

When it comes down to it, even members of Congress get a hefty amount of time to fly home and be away from work, especially for the amount of money they make – a base salary of $174,000 for members. 

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Even with the pay three times higher than the average American, members of Congress technically work less than half a year. While they hopefully choose to be productive when not in session, representatives in the House spend an average of 146.7 “legislative days” in Washington and senators have an average of 165 “legislative days” a year. 

The American taxpayer spends so much money allowing these elected officials to travel home to have personal time. While Americans are struggling to make ends meet in a tanking economy, they’re paying for their “leaders” to have vacation.

While many politicians encourage socialist policies to make everything “free,” none of these politicians offer to donate their travel money to the causes they want American taxpayers to fund. If Bernie Sanders wants everyone to have free college tuition, he can start by forgoing his trips to his multiple homes.

A Convention of States can stop this madness from continuing using Article V of the Constitution, which allows states to convene and limit the federal government’s power and spending. 

The states can fight overreach from the federal government and give the power back to the people. If politicians like Joe Biden want to spend their entire careers in Washington, they should stop expecting their vacations to be funded.