The liberal-induced chaos of California leadership is taking a monetary toll on San Francisco now.  This week, a major medical association decided NOT to host their convention in the city, after hosting it there since he 1980s.  Why?  The leaders of the conference say their members don’t feel safe there.

Joe D’Alessandro, president and San Fransisco’s convention bureau, said that this was a first.  “It’s the first time that we have had an out-and-out cancellation over the issue, and this is a group that has been coming here every three or four years since the 1980s.”

Here’s more from the SFGate:

As a rule, major conventions book their visits at least five years in advance. So when D’Alessandro and members of the hospitality industry hadn’t heard from the doctors about re-upping, they flew to the organization’s Chicago headquarters for a face-to-face meeting with its executive board.

And with good reason: The group’s annual five-day trade show draws 15,000 attendees and pumps about $40 million into the local economy.

“They said that they are committed to this year and to 2023, but nothing in between or nothing thereafter,” D’Alessandro said. “After that, they told us they are planning to go elsewhere — I believe it’s Los Angeles.”

Los Angeles?  Talk about “pick your poison.”  Anyway, I think this article shows the rise and fall of San Francisco.  One of the “great cities” of the world is no longer so great.  Now it’s just another leftist hellhole created by decades of Democratic leadership failure.

Normally Democrats blame Republicans when things go wrong.  When was the last time Republicans ran San Francisco?  Democrats have unfettered rule in San Francisco and the city is turning into an urban hellhole.  It has become both unaffordable, and unlivable.  Quite a combination.  High taxes, high regulation, and human waste, needles and people sleeping on the streets.

But they “mean well.”

How’s that leftist philosophy working out for you San Francisco?

Amazingly, they will continue to elect Democrats who continue to promise doing more of the same, to solve the problems they have created.

They deserve what they get.

Hat Tip: SFGate

Image Credit: Romi Chiorean on Flickr

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