Putting pronouns in social media bios and on resumes has become a popular signal of progressivism, especially among young women, but it’s not so appealing to hard-working, business professionals, a new report finds. 

Business.com conducted a test to find out if companies truly are Equal Opportunity Employers, as job postings claim. The company sent two nearly identical, “phantom” resumes to 180 job postings. The only difference was one included they/them pronouns. 

“The test resume with pronouns received less interest and fewer interview invitations than the control resume,” the company reported. “Employers still have more work to do to erase discrimination from their hiring processes and workplaces.”

The majority of the reportedly 1.2 million Americans who identify as LGBT are under the age of 30. While Gen Z is the most college-educated group in history, the generation also holds a lower IQ average.

Since 1932, average IQ scores have increased by approximately three to five points per decade. A new study shows IQ scores have decreased for the first time in nearly a century. 

“The Covid generation is less smart as a result of lockdowns at the height of the pandemic,” reported Forbes.  

Over 80% of survey respondents told Business.com that identifying themselves as non-binary would hurt their job search. Thus, it’s not that Gen Z doesn’t understand that the working class doesn’t care about their personal pronouns, it’s that they want to create a victim narrative when a job has nothing to do with their personal life.

Employers clearly see that pronouns are equivalent to a woke, college-indoctrinated mind. And the fact is, it’s true. If an individual is concerned about displaying their sexuality for a future employer, it may indicate the prospective employee is not a serious candidate.

“Our research confirmed the ongoing need to not only avoid wrong behaviors but also implement the right policies to eradicate bias in every industry and region,” the report concludes.

Eradicate bias? Judgment and critical thinking happen to be biased, yet that is exactly how humans draw conclusions. As it pertains to hiring practices, subjective opinions are how quality candidates are found. and how poor applicants are weeded out.

Eradicating bias is like suggesting the elimination of thoughtful deliberation about anything.

While job applicants with pronouns may play victim to employers’ biased thought processes, Business.com has yet to release a study on the work ethic of individuals who display pronouns in their resumes.

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Brianna is a national staff writer at Convention of States Action.