You’ve almost certainly seen the videos of a man who identifies as a transgender woman advertising Bud Light on social media.

Dylan Mulvaney is a man who dresses up like a woman and mocks the idea of womanhood with his exaggerated gestures. To this man, that’s all you have to do is throw a dress on, layer on the make-up, shop, laugh, and prance around in pink, and then… poof… you are a woman.

The Bud Light marketing department somehow thought partnering with this transgender individual would reach their target market: middle America. 


Well, it hasn’t gone over so well for Bud Light and its parent company Anheuser-Busch. But it has sparked some outrageously comical and appropriate responses from people who will no longer be doing business with the company. 

Country music star Travis Tritt announced on Wednesday that he is dropping all Bud Light products from his tour. He has concerts scheduled through August, and the announcement further circulates the idea that Anheuser-Busch is not a friend to conservative-minded patriots.

Calling it a shame, Tritt later added that he was on a tour sponsored by Budweiser in the 90s when Anheuser-Busch was American owned. He said what once was a great American company sold out to the Europeans and became unrecognizable to the American consumer.

Music star John Rich said he is booting Bud Light products from his bar in Nashville in a tweet on Wednesday as well, asking fans what beer should replace it.

With the funniest reaction of all, country music legend Kid Rock posted a video to social media (language warning) to show his opinion of the sponsorship:

Americans are taking the degeneracy of culture and morality very seriously. Twitter users are pledging to never buy the company’s products again.

“I’m officially finished with Anheuser-Busch products. I’ve drank an Anheuser product as long as I can remember, which is owned by a Belgium company,” wrote a Twitter user. “Switching to Yuengling effective now! It’s actually an American made beer that doesn’t cater to Woke!”

Another Tweet reads: “Imagine being in marketing at @AnheuserBusch and thinking you can just slip this in to attract a new younger demographic and your existing customer base would just do nothing. Go woke, go broke. Good luck guys.”

@AnheuserBusch actually believed that their loyal consumers were the trans community? That’s pretty funny!” commented another user.

The fact is, Dylan Mulvaney is a man. He’s racked up quite the attention for his charade, and it not only shows how easy it is to confuse our society, but it also shows corporate America doesn’t hold much respect for legitimate women.

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Brianna is a national staff writer at Convention of States Action.