She’s top of the tops in California.  She is a public servant so extraordinary that Alameda County Administrator Susan Muranishi will retire on a package of $423,664 per year.  Now I admire the hard work and dedication of long-serving public servants like Ms. Muranishi as much as the next person, but seriously…$423,664 per year?  This is her pension package?   How will she survive on such a paltry sum?

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  1. stephenwv

    While not this extreme, ALL government employees’ retirement, paid for by the average American, far out strips Social Security. If we want more, we have to pay for it ourselves, AND pay for theirs. Government retirees should be no different than the rest of us (except for those that put their life on the line for all).

  2. Carol

    I retired from a management position with the state of California after 25 years of service with a pension low enough to qualify for Medicaid. My situation is the norm, not the exception. Eight percent of my income during those years was put into a retirement fund, so it wasn’t free to me. As an ultra-conservative, I am well aware of the blessings of the California retirement system, but please don’t make the exceptional situations sound like the norm. Many state employees work in very difficult situations in service to the public, so please show at least some appreciation for what they do.


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