That’s right…$910 million dollars to set up the new insurance exchange in California and market it to the citizens.   It’s sure to top one billion dollars spent when all is said and done.  Can you say “government boondoggle?”

“So where’s all the money going? A big chunk is going to the infrastructure and information technology components—building out the website and database technology necessary to manage the law’s subsidies and facilitate enrollment in the exchange-based health plans. But a lot of it is just going to marketing and enrollment. As Laszewski notes, the state is launching a two-year, $250 million marketing campaign intended to get people to sign up for the exchange. The state is also paying 20,000 part-time “enrollers” $58 an application for each person they sign up. In contrast, California Blue Shield serves 3.5 million members with just 5,000 employees.”

You can read it all here at Reason.

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