Ever since Arnold Schwarzenegger gave us The Terminator, people have been afraid that artificial intelligence would take over the planet. Already, we’re seeing menial jobs replaced with automation and cars are driving themselves. Human-to-human contact is at an all time low as people are more connected to their devices than each other. Perhaps the robots are already taking over.

But is that really a bad thing? I just heard about one area where it might not be and could actually be the perfect solution to the bloated bureaucracy.

According to a new study, 90 percent of British civil service employees have the kinds of jobs that even the proverbial monkey could do. The think tank, Reform, found that those workers could easily be replaced by robots and save the government nearly $8 billion every year. Imagine the economic impact that could have here in America.

The study argues that robots are better data processors and are “more efficient” at a host of other routine tasks which would remove the need for humans since there are so few “complex roles” left in civil service to fill. The reason we’re in this mess to begin with is all thanks to heavy-handed unions who work hard to ensure our government buildings are filled with too many people doing menial tasks, crunching numbers, and piling up miles and miles of paperwork. Robots could easily be doing this work in a fraction of the time and they won’t even demand a single smoke break.

ZeroHedge reports that this is not the only study of its kind:

Unfortunately for civil service workers, it seems the study is just the latest in a series of research that won’t save their jobs. Oxford University and financial services provider Deloitte, both of whom commissioned their own studies concur with Reform‘s conclusions. The Oxford University study said that more than 850,000 public sector jobs could fall to robots over the course of the next decade.

Reform suggests that government employees should probably look into opportunities presented by the “sharing economy,” like driving for Uber – at least until robots replace those, too.

I’ve heard of worse ways to shrink the federal deficit.

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