The liberal-induced chaos of California leadership is taking a toll on my former state.  Homeless people are everywhere, lawlessness abounds, and excrement is piling up on every street.  

The Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority recently revealed that the city’s homeless population grew by 16% to over 36,000 people.  Think about that for a second.  Tens of thousands of people living, sleeping, and defecating on the streets.

These leftist hellholes have been created by decades of Democratic leadership.  Now that some of the “great cities” of the world are no longer so great, the politicians are struggling to figure out what to do.  One idea was to install public toilets.  Sounds reasonable, no? Reducing the problem of excrement on the street is a noble cause. More power to them.

The L.A. Times  has the details on one not-so-minor detail: the cost:

L.A. has estimated that staffing and operating a mobile bathroom can cost more than $300,000 annually — a price tag that has galled some politicians. During budget talks this spring, city officials estimated that providing toilets and showers for every homeless encampment in need would cost more than $57 million a year.

If you’re wondering how much staffing is required for a toilet, you aren’t alone.  Apparently, “to prevent portable toilets from being trashed or taken over for illicit activity, such restrooms are monitored by trained attendants for 12 hours a day at a cost of more than $117,000 annually, according to city officials. Adding administration, toilet rental and other costs brings the price to roughly $339,000.”

In other words, people have been using these bathrooms for reasons they were not intended.  Consequently, they have to be under constant supervision and monitoring.

Though the public restroom option sounds reasonable, it’s sort of like giving a cancer patient morphine. It only masks the actual issues that have been created by politicians for decades.

This is Democratic “leadership” in a nutshell. Think about how many actual homes you could create with $57 million.  

Instead, they’re offering a few toilets… and patting themselves on the back about it.

Hat Tip: L.A. Times

Image Credit: IPernity

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