In what world does a derogatory term aimed at white people get reclassified as a racial slur against Native Americans? On an American college campus, where else?

At the University of Oklahoma, the protest dogs have been sicced on the term “Sooner,” which happens to be the name of the university’s sports teams and the state nickname. Surprisingly, the offended students aren’t wanting the name pulled from the school (at least, not yet) but re-worded for a sexual assault prevention program that’s called “One Sooner.”

Here’s why that is offensive according to the campus snowflakes: it invokes violence towards Native Americans and isn’t “inclusive.” However, “sooner” was a derogatory term applied to settlers who traveled West to secure unclaimed territory in and around Oklahoma in the 1889 Land Rush. It also has nothing to do with sexual assault, it’s just the name of a program. But it must go!

And so, a list of demands — a must-have on today’s crybaby campuses — was released calling for the program to be renamed something that isn’t racially insensitive. But that’s not all! The SJWs are after far more than a name change. Their demands go straight to the top.

This month, OU President David Boren wrote an article in the school newspaper on sexual assault and encouraged students to do everything they can to help in its prevention, from looking out for each other to making sure students don’t put themselves into compromising situations. Sounds like great advice right? Wrong! That’s the cardinal sin of victim blaming and the snowflakes have demanded an apology from Boren; one in which he must specifically use the phrases, “I believe you” and “it’s not your fault.” Line 4 of the list of demands states:

Boren’s apology must include the phrase “I am sorry,” because this is how apologies work.

The president must agree to the demands or resign, the letter states, because he “is guilty of perpetuating rape culture” at OU. Boren has met with the students but at this point hasn’t apologized OR resigned.

There are so many reactions to this but I believe it’s best summed up in a comment at The Federalist. Reader Ron Harvey NAILS the perfect response. Let’s hope President Boren uses his computer’s “copy & paste” function in his “apology:”

“I believe” that you are the worst bunch of students ever admitted to our fine school. “It’s not your fault” that you made it in, what with all of the loopholes through which students without the ability to reason are able to slip into our Freshman classes.
“I’m sorry” that you are unable to get along with your fellow students and thrive in our wonderful, rigorous, academic environment. I suspect that you do not belong here.

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