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Heading into Super Bowl Sunday, Americans had one message to the NFL: keep politics out of the game.

Of course, no one is surprised that they failed at this, starting with a performance of the “Black National Anthem,” and throughout the game with “End Racism” painted at the back of the end zones.

The Woke simply can’t help themselves.

Despite the never-ending push of the Woke left, polling from The Trafalgar Group and Convention of States Action, released days before Sunday’s big game, revealed that 84% of voters believe sporting events, like the Super Bowl, should not include political or cultural statements and should instead just focus on the game.

Strikingly, only 10% disagree.

But it’s not just our sports that Americans want free from politics.

Further polling from Trafalgar Group and Convention of States revealed nearly 80% of voters said they are more likely to do business with a company that stays politically neutral.

It’s not that people want the companies they buy from to reflect their politics; they just want those companies to ignore politics.

Amazingly, that’s the easiest thing for a business to do. To take a political stand requires effort, and they know they are going to alienate a certain amount of their consumers. Why not just stay out of it?

The answer is, of course, that the radical left is obsessed with making all aspects of American life subservient to their politics.

Even our pastimes must bow before their woke god.

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Actor Chris Pratt, for example, was canceled not for making a political statement but for not making a statement. When his fellow Marvel co-stars attended a Joe Biden fundraiser, Pratt was notably absent.

The media slammed him for staying silent even though he routinely makes it a point to stay away from politics.

The point is wokeism is constantly pressuring everyone to cave.

Enticed by the promise of a good ESG (environmental, social, and governance) score and media praise, CEOs capitulate to activist shareholders and their demands. Even though a majority of Americans want to keep politics out of entertainment, the industry has instead chosen to proselytize for the far left.

If businesses want to please the consumer, it’s time to declare neutrality.

Rather than espouse wokeness, they should simply make good food, tell good stories, play a good game, or whatever it is we pay them to do.

Anything more than that may appease woke interest groups, but… it will, in the end, cost them dearly.

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