“Kelsea Ballerini is putting her heart first,” E! News reported, which really just means that she is flaunting her egocentric, love-killing narcissism for the world to see.

And just in time to ruin Valentine’s Day.

In fact, Ballerini has become the perfect poster child for the endemic (and glorified) selfishness shattering our marriages, families, and commitment.

Last November, the 29-year-old country music star divorced her husband of five years, Morgan Evans, and in December, announced she had done so for the most self-centered reason imaginable.

In her own words, Ballerini terminated her and Evans’ God-ordained, covenant-bound union simply because “the glitter [wore] off.”

Gushing insensitive, self-seeking egotism, she declared: “At the end of the day, it is such a disservice and a dishonouring of yourself if you know something is not right and you stay.”


Is that what marriage is all about?

Staying with the man you bound yourself to for life has become a disservice and dishonouring of self?

What evil, disgusting conceit!

She added that she made her decision thanks to being “‘really intuitive and in tune” with herself and her “gut.’”

And to top things off, she complained that any criticism of her behavior “shows how much shame is around divorce.”

“And that is just the one thing I refused to feel,” she said. “I just refuse to feel it. Judge me for it, fine, that’s on you.”

As one commenter noted, “the reasons for divorce can be complex; however, this statement makes it appear that it was just all about her and how she feels.”

And of course it was.

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Maybe her husband was less than a perfect saint, but to give up on marriage because self-love became more important than selfless love is a sin that Ballerini chose.

And like an egomaniac, she is proud that she did.

She refuses to feel any shame for it.

She would rather be intuitive, and in tune with herself. Anything less would be a disservice, after all.

If you have had enough of this prima-donna’s self-obsession to feel sick to your stomach, I hate to inform you, it only gets worse.

Today, poor, poor, pitiful Kelsea Ballerini dropped a “mini-movie” in which she plays the part of the victim in her marriage. The film is set to the music of her latest album, “Rolling Up the Welcome Mat,” which is also about how she played the part of the victim in her marriage. Of course, the whole drama unfolds against a backdrop of knowing that, in reality, Ballerini dissolved her marriage simply because “the glitter wears off.” If she is trying to sell her victimization, she is not doing a good job at it.

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From the movie’s opening scene, it becomes clear that she, the trigger-happy marriage ender, is fishing for our sympathy. Her husband is the neglectful one – and he very well may have been.

But why is she merchandising her heartbreak when we all already know that it was her own lack of commitment that caused her to divorce him?

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She tries so hard to establish herself as the pitiable hero but in the end, makes it clear that she was actually the villain. For example, she admits that during a rough patch in their relationship, she “kissed someone new.” And our hearts are supposed to break for her? Regardless of her husband’s faults – and I’m sure they were many – what kind of woman has the chutzpah to confess that she cheated on her husband and still expect the world to commiserate with her?

Finally, by the end of the film, Ballerini gives up on pretending and gets to the heart of the matter.

Forlorn, she takes off her wedding band and begins to sing, “I hope I never leave me again,” a line she repeats seven times. She also adds: “I hope I learn to love myself like I loved you then.”

And there you have it, folks!

The real reason behind Kelsea Ballerini’s divorce is that she would rather be faithful to herself than to her husband. Loving herself is more important than anything else to her.

Unfortunately, it is not just some spoiled country star who feels this way.

Our modern culture treats self-love and authenticity as the greatest – and in some cases, the only – virtue. Do whatever I must to take care of me, myself, and I is the mantra of an unmoored society. No longer bound by actual virtues such as love, respect, faithfulness, commitment, loyalty, humility, and gratitude, self becomes the only arbitrator of right and wrong.

As Queen Elsa would say, as long authenticity is indulged, “no right, no wrong, no rules for me.”

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Yesterday, I reviewed the longest-married couple’s best relationship advice. Amazingly, cute-sounding, self-help narcissism did not make the cut.

They said nothing of being “in tune” with one’s gut.

Far from decrying the stigma surrounding divorce, as Ballerini did, they said: “Divorce was NEVER an option, or even a thought.”

What they understood that our modern culture fails to grasp is that selfishness, even when masquerading as “self-care,” will always kill love.

Without fail.

True love is only sustained by true virtues. And being true to one’s heart is not one of them.

Kelsea Ballerini is proof positive of that.

This Valentine’s Day, may her story serve as our MasterClass on how not to love. Truly, if only we would eschew her self-love over selfless love maxim, society would be better off. 

Jakob Fay is a staff writer for the Convention of States Project, a project of Citizens for Self-Governance.

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