Just in time for Black History Month, Democrats have launched their latest string of racist attacks against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, and the Left is, of course, silent.

Justice Thomas is arguably the most verbally abused justice on the Supreme Court today. He also happens to be a black man.

According to liberal logic, this should preclude Thomas from any criticism. But, as we will see, the Left very rarely practices what it preaches when it comes to race.

A perfect example of this is when Roe v. Wade was overturned by the Supreme Court last year. Despite the fact that six of the nine justices voted to end the so-called “constitutional” right to abortion, Justice Thomas received the brunt of the Left’s hate. The attacks against him were outright racist.

For instance:

As Citizens for Self-Governance previously reported, “actor Samuel Jackson called Thomas “Uncle Clarence,” a reference to “Uncle Tom,” a derogatory term for a subservient black man.”

Whoopi Goldberg threatened: “You better hope that they don’t come for you, Clarence.”

Radio personality Howard Stern compared the justice to Darth Vader. His co-host hoped “they slap him on a plantation.”

Even Martha Stewart got involved, referring to Thomas simply as an “old black man who doesn’t know who he is.”

The Left’s vitriol towards Thomas just keeps getting uglier and uglier. And more bigoted in nature.

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One Twitter user even dedicated his now-suspended account to “updates on whether the least qualified and biggest scumbag on the Supreme Court [Clarence Thomas] has departed earth yet.”

Imagine if such hateful words were said about a black Democrat. Imagine if President Biden’s latest nominee, Ketanji Brown, the first black woman to serve on the Supreme Court, was the target of such abusive slander from conservatives. The left-wing media would go berserk. But not only did the media not come to Thomas’ defense, it willingly became a platform for the anti-Thomas slander.

This week, the racist Left once again regurgitated its vile loathing of Clarence Thomas and the media once again turned a blind eye. On Tuesday, the Georgia Senate voted to add a monument of Thomas, a Georgia native, to the state capitol, a measure which was met with fierce opposition from the Democratic Party. “Not only did every single Democrat senator vote against the bill, but several of them used the opportunity to slander the Supreme Court’s most senior justice,” reported The Federalist. Sen. Emanuel Jones, for example, compared Thomas to an “Uncle Tom” who “sold his soul to the slave masters.”

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With each new attack, the Left’s “anti-racist” facade becomes more obviously disingenuous. In reality, “anti-racism” is the Democratic Party’s anti-conservative, anti-freethought cop-out. Race, to them, is not so much a skin color as it is a set of left-wing principles all black people must comply with. More than being truly anti-racist, they are, in essence, only “anti-opposition to the Democratic Party platform.” This is why, to the Left, racism toward Clarence Thomas does not constitute actual racism. He deigns to think for himself, differing from the Left’s obligatory terms, thereby removing himself from their conditional, selective “anti-racism” protections.

Do not be fooled: the Left’s primary interest is in attaining uniformity; in silencing dissent. The number of black Americans who have been brutalized after “breaking ranks” is evidence of this.

The Left is only interested in props – not people.

Racism is racism regardless of political affiliation. It is an affront to human dignity and worth whether against Clarence Thomas or Ketanji Brown.

If the Left is determined to play the race card, let’s give them what they want. The first strike is against them.

Jakob Fay is a staff writer for the Convention of States Project, a project of Citizens for Self-Governance.

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