Joe Biden’s hypocritical policies would be laughable if they weren’t so harmful to the American people.

As I pointed out earlier this week, our geriatric president wants Americans to show vaccine passports to go to a movie but doesn’t want voters to show ID to vote in an election. Now, Biden is negotiating a deal that would encourage US businesses to do business in Iran just a week after he ran the MLB and $100 million out of Georgia.

The New York Times reported yesterday that Biden’s officials are hard at work renegotiating the terrible Iran nuclear deal that lifted sanctions on Iran and allowed the regime to raise funds to support terrorists. President Trump wisely re-imposed those sanctions after he took office, and now Biden is moving as fast as possible to lift those sanctions and open Iran for business.

Here’s the worst part: the sanctions were working. Iran’s leadership was feeling the pressure. Its people were marching in the streets in protest, and its ability to fund terrorism was diminished. It was moving forward with its nuclear program, but it would have done so whether or not the U.S. was part of the deal.

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Biden’s negotiations began less than a week after he said he would “strongly support” Major League Baseball moving its All-Star game out of Georgia under the misleading assumption that the state legislature had recently made it harder to vote. That was a lie, but it didn’t stop the MLB from following the president’s advice and costing Georgians $100 million in tourism business.

So, to review, Biden is happy to let American businesses fund the terrorist regime in Iran, but he’s very, very opposed to American businesses operating in a state that just made it easier for its citizens to vote.

This makes perfect sense—if you’re a leftist.

Former Ambassador Nicki Haley pointed this out in a scathing tweet: “Someone should remind [Biden] that he works FOR the American people,” she said.

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The truth is, the president cares more about politics than he cares about our country. He knows that (falsely) blasting Georgia and playing nice with Iran will be popular with his base, and he doesn’t care that those positions reveal the cynical hypocrisy at the heart of his agenda.

The Democrats and the media constantly criticized President Trump for playing to his base rather than promoting good policy. If that’s true (and I don’t think it generally was), Joe Biden is no better. Attacking election security and opening Iran for business won’t help the American people—just the opposite. But as long as his advisors say it might help his reelection chances, he’s ready and willing to do just about anything.

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