How do Democrats solve a historic immigration crisis at the southern border? By paying people to stay in Central America.

No, I am not making this up.

Reuters reported last week that the Biden administration is considering “a conditional cash transfer program” to try to convince Central American people to stay in their gang-infested countries rather than travel to the Land of the Free.

No details have been provided, but officials insist that “the U.S. government isn’t going to be handing out money or checks to people.”

I’ll believe that when I see it, but it doesn’t really matter. If recent cash payouts are any indication, the millions of taxpayer dollars airlifted to Central America will go straight to lining the pockets of the gangs that already control those countries and its peoples.

And here’s the worst part: even if the plan is 100% successful, it will still be a waste of money.

The Trump administration kept immigration to manageable levels without sending millions to Central America. They voiced their commitment to upholding the rule of law and enforcing the immigration policies passed by the peoples’ representatives in Congress. Prospective immigrants knew that couldn’t gain entry by illegally crossing the border, so they stayed at home or immigrated through proper channels.

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Biden’s open borders rhetoric caused this crisis, and now he’s trying to bail himself out with the hard-earned dollars of American taxpayers.

This is all part of the Democrats’ playbook. First, they cause a crisis with irresponsible rhetoric and policies. Then, they solve their self-imposed crisis with massive bailouts/stimulus/subsidies funded by the American people. Finally (and here’s the most nefarious part), they expand federal power by making permanent the aforementioned bailouts/stimulus/subsidies.

When they do it internationally, it’s a waste of money. When they do it domestically, it’s an unconstitutional power grab.

Biden’s “infrastructure” bill is a great example. It purports to spend money fighting “climate change” and “racial inequity,” two crises we’re told require huge cash payouts from the American people. But if we do have a problem with “racial inequity,” those problems only seem to occur in urban Democratic strongholds.

The “climate change” problem is even more dubious. While the Earth may be warming, the “crisis” is entirely self-imposed by leftists in the media, politics, and academia. The effects of climate change (such as they are) will be solved by American ingenuity over the next 100 years, not massive, taxpayer-funded initiatives.

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But that’s exactly what we’re getting from the Biden administration. After convincing their constituents both racial inequity and climate change are existential crises, they’re proposing enormous bailouts/stimulus/subsidies to fix the problem.

That money has strings attached, of course, and thus the federal government controls even more of our daily lives.

If you start looking for the three-step Democratic playbook, you realize they use it constantly. Everything is a crisis, and all those crises warrant an expansion of federal power. The border is no different, as the Biden administration proved.

If we don’t call a Convention of States, we can expect the federal government to grow larger and larger, and the power of the American people will diminish more and more. To join the movement, visit

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