After the power outages in Texas last week, Americans are justifiably worried about the strength and integrity of the electrical grid in the United States. But the threats to our infrastructure come from more than just inclement weather and “green energy.”

As the Washington Examiner reported back in January, one of President Joe Biden’s recent executive orders could allow China, Russia, and other foreign adversaries a back door into the power grid here in the U.S.

Biden’s sweeping climate change order from January 20 rescinded for 90 days one of Trump’s executive orders banning “any bulk-power electric equipment … designed, developed, manufactured, or supplied, by persons owned by, controlled by, or subject to the jurisdiction or direction of a foreign adversary.”

In other words, Biden’s order allows equipment manufactured by foreign adversaries to be installed in our electrical grid.

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President Trump had good reason to be worried when he issued the original ban. China was first caught trying to hack into our electrical grid in 2001, and Russia has been in our grid since 2014. According to the Examiner,

Just last year… the United States seized a Chinese-built transformer because officials believe “its electronics had been secretly given malicious capabilities, possibly allowing a distant adversary to monitor or even disable it on command.” Cybersecurity expert Joseph Weiss reported that officials found “electronics that should not have been part of the transformer — hardware backdoors” that could allow the Chinese to “effectively gain control of the transformers without any network forensics being the wiser.”

Biden’s decision to expose our country to this threat is unconscionable. I don’t know whether he’s in China’s pocket or if his administration is so infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome that he’s rescinding all the former President’s orders without due consideration. Whatever the reason, the American people should be prepared for trouble.

This is what happens when Congress abdicates their constitutional powers to the executive branch. Rather than instituting well-considered policies designed to keep Americans safe, the federal government follows the whims of the president. Trump cared about the China threat, so he took measures to protect the American people. Biden, apparently, does not care about that threat, so he immediately revoked those measures.

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Rule by executive order is a far cry from what the founders of our country envisioned. In fact, it’s the opposite of what they wanted. They fought a bloody war to escape the tyrannical rule of a king, not only because it destroys self-governance but also because it leads to dangerous instability.

When We the People are ruled by the unilateral decisions of a single man, they’re at the mercy of that man’s good—and oftentimes bad—judgement. The country swings from one pole to the other as a new party takes power, and the people are left to suffer the consequences of that instability. In this case, those consequences could be disastrous. 

It’s time to institute the reforms in Washington that our country so desperately needs. We must reduce the power of the executive branch and force Congress to do its job. We can do all this and more with an Article V Convention of States, and 15 states are already on board.

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