The Supreme Court heard oral arguments this week in what many consider the biggest right-to-life case in decades, Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization.

The case revolves around a 2018 Mississippi law that banned most abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy. Like many similar state laws, this one was challenged shortly after it was passed, and it’s worked its way up to the Supreme Court.

Pro-life advocates are hopeful, and I include myself in that category. The Supreme Court is more conservative than it’s been in years, and there’s a good shot that all three Trump appointees vote in favor of life and against Roe v. Wade.

No one knows how far the justices will go in overturning Roe. But after liberal and conservative activists united to quash a Convention of States movement in the 1970’s, this is our best chance to overturn Roe since 1973.

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Never Trumpers can thank Trump voters for this optimism. Just like he promised, President Trump appointed originalist justices to the Court, and he stood strong in the face of overwhelming pressure to delay the appointment of Amy Coney-Barrett following Ruth Bader-Ginsburg’s passing.

I don’t like everything the president did, and I wasn’t shy about calling balls and strikes during his administration. But everyone knew the 2016 election was about the Supreme Court. Those who refused to vote for Trump and encouraged others to do the same were nothing short of naive, short-sighted, and arrogant.

Elections in the United States are a binary choice. There’s no getting around it. Our job is to pick the least bad option, and that was clearly President Trump—in both 2016 and 2020.

Think about it like this. What would we be talking about today if Hillary Clinton had been president since 2016? Would we be wondering how far the Court would go to overturn Roe?

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Of course not. In fact, we’d probably be wondering whether the Court would totally prohibit the states from restricting access to abortion. We’d be worried the Court would uphold bans on semi-automatic rifles, force small business owners to violate their religious convictions, and mandate CRT in schools across the nation.

But we’re not worried about any of those things, and we can thank Trump voters for that. Millions of Americans voted for Trump, some of them while holding their noses. The former president could be abrasive, and these voters worried about an inexperienced politician moving into the White House.

Fortunately, they weren’t as naïve as the Never Trumpers. They knew that however bad Trump would be (many of those dire predictions turned out to be false, by the way), Hillary Clinton would be far, far worse.

They made an adult decision, voted for Trump, and here we are today.

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