The same party chanting to defund “systemically racist” police just over one year ago have now flipped 180 degrees.

Looking ahead to the midterm elections, Democrats now assert (with a straight face) that police should be receiving more funding to combat rising rates of violent crime.

One thing, however, hasn’t changed: the Left still believes that gun rights are a big part of the problem.

Ever since local and state governments forced Americans to stay home and become even more dependent on the government, crime has surged in Democrat-run cities, and many leaders have blamed cops.

However, the “defund the police” mantra never resonated with many of the communities at which it was aimed because those communities are often desperately in need of more police presence. 

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Because the chant became less appealing after the summer of riots, Jen Psaki told recently reporters “gun violence” is a “huge reason” for the uptick in crime as well as the “underfunding of some police departments and their need for additional resources.”

Even New York Mayor Eric Adams has recently laid out a plan for addressing gun violence in the “Blueprint to End Gun Violence.” The document includes legitimate steps to address violent crime, such as providing more police funding, improving education, and providing more access to mental health support. Of course, the document also specifically targets firearms as part of the problem.

“Yet immediately, as this blueprint lays out, we must address the crisis of guns on our streets,” the blueprint reads. “It is time for our federal leaders to rise to the occasion, and pass common-sense legislation that is supported by an overwhelming majority of Americans.”

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While the outline seeks to add federal, state and city limitations to gun rights, not once does the blueprint mention the rights of the Second Amendment. 

Chicago has tried to control firearm possession, and it has only made things worse, as it is one of the most dangerous cities in America with the strictest gun laws.

The election year is also forcing progressives to walk back all far-left ideologies until after voters cast their ballots. 

While crime has become a problem, leaders continue to turn their back to the data that shows a correlation to COVID lockdowns and mandates. Instead, they use crime as an opportunity to chip away at all gun rights for the law-abiding. 

While leaders change their stance on issues in preparation for November, people will remember their track records and inconsistent positions.

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