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Haters gonna hate… Christians, of course.  Over Thanksgiving, Director Scott Derrickson — who is responsible for The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005) and Sinister (2012) and Doctor Strange (2016) — made a proclamation about people who voted for Donald Trump instead of Hillary Clinton:


He wrote, “Christians put Trump in office, because Mainstream American Christianity is racist, greedy, and nationalistic — things which Christ was vehemently against.  So don’t even call me an Evangelicals. In fact, don’t even call me Christian unless you know what I mean by that.”

Wow.  That’s one way to try to attract moviegoers to your next films.

What this director must have forgotten is that voters had a binary choice when they went to the polls — either they chose Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. These are two very flawed candidates, but we had to make a choice.

Along the same lines, Matthew Dowd maligned the Christianity of those who support the GOP Tax reform.  “So the GOP which long claimed “christian values” has now fully gone in on everything Jesus warned us against – greed, hypocrisy, division, and lack of compassion for the vulnerable,” he tweeted.  “Wow. I wonder if they can get a refund on their bibles?”

But many on Twitter fired back.

 “I am still looking for that verse that says give all your money to the government,” one person tweeted.  Another, “Jesus also warned us of stealing, killing, coveting, worshiping false idols, and sloth; yet all are tenants of the Democratic Party.”

Dowd, of course, is ABC’s chief political analyst — so don’t look for objective reporting from him on anything politics-related from now on.

The left claims to be a good Christian, you have to support people like Hillary Clinton… a dubious claim, indeed.

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