Well, this is interesting. Last month the Federal Bureau of Investigation performed the most gun-related background checks of any March ever.  The FreeBeacon reports:

With 2,767,699 checks conducted by the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) in March 2018, the month beats the previous record of 2,523,265 set in March 2016 by 244,434 checks. That represents a 9.68 percent increase.

The March results put 2018 on pace to see more gun-related background checks than 2017, the second-best year on record, but still behind 2016, the best year on record.

The gun grabbers dramatically increase gun sales…again and again and again.  When will they learn?  Oh yeah… never.  But apparently, 2nd Amendment opponents need to learn a lesson in unintended consequences:

The spike in background checks comes as gun-control activists made their most publicized and successful push for new gun-control laws in years. In the wake of the shooting at a high school in Parkland, Fla., gun-control activists have organized highly publicized national protests calling for new bans on the AR-15 and other firearms and accessories at both the federal and state level. They have also successfully instituted strict new gun-control measures, like a ban on gun ownership for adults under 21 and new waiting periods on all gun purchases in Florida while advocating for their passage in other states as well.

Gun sales in the United States have traditionally spiked in the wake of violent attacks and the subsequent pushes for new gun-control measures.

“Sales of semi-auto rifles, especially AR and AK platforms, have more than doubled in sales since the Florida shooting and subsequent media coverage of possible pending legislation,” Rex McClanahan, owner of one of the biggest online gun dealers, Bud’s Gun Shop, told the Washington Free Beacon at the end of February. “This is exactly what happened after Sandy Hook, San Bernardino, Orlando, etc.”

He said the push to buy certain guns, especially those targeted by gun-control activists, nearly depleted his inventory.

They want fewer gun sales.  They want fewer guns in the hands of gun owners.  And when they leave gun owners alone, there are far fewer sales.  When they come after us and threaten to ban or take away our guns, sales go wild.  It’s not a mystery.   I’ve got plenty… but I’m thinking of heading down to my local gun store today. 

Always good to have an excuse to buy a new gun for the collection.  Thanks for the inspiration gun-grabbers!

Hat Tip: FreeBeacon

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