The media loves to focus on any shred of racism they find amongst the ranks of supporters of President Donald Trump.  They’ll leave no virtual stone unturned when conservative candidates announce they’re running for office.  They’ll twist language and intent, frequently accusing completely innocent people of being racist.  After all, the “r word” is their most damning insult — one that makes the accuser look morally superior and the accused to look suspicious.

So that’s why I was concerned when I saw this grotesque image of Harvard Law School’s Alan Dershowitz.

Yes, the Daily Californian, which is “UC Berkeley’s independent student-run newspaper.”  In other words, liberals did this, to one of their own.  Alan Dershowitz, after all, is no conservative.  However, as I wrote about before, he recently has been speaking out against the radical Antifa movement that has taken hold of the Democratic party and needs to be stopped.

“Do not glorify the violent people who are now tearing down the statues. Many of these people, not all of them, many of these people are trying to tear down America. Antifa is a radical anti-American, anti-free market, communist, socialist, hard, hard left censorial organization that tries to stop speakers on campuses from speaking. They use violence. And just because they’re opposed to fascism and to some of these monuments shouldn’t make them heroes of the liberals.”

Those are powerful words.  When a liberal like Dershowitz condemns Antifa so powerfully, other Democrats must’ve taken note.  He then said:

“I’m a liberal, and I think it’s the obligation of liberals to speak out against the hard left radicals just like it’s the obligation of conservatives to speak out against the extremism of the hard right.

Of course, the leftists at UC Berkeley don’t want any diversity of opinion, if it challenges their deeply treasured bigotry.  I am sick and tired of the media calling everything under the sun “racist,” but letting this sort of thing go.

Image Credit: HonestReporting on Flickr

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