The state of Oregon has denied an adoption request from a woman who won’t commit to raising adopted children to the state’s LGBT standards. 

Oregon requires adoption applicants “accept” and “support” the sexual orientation and gender identity of any child the state could place in the applicant’s home, Disntr reports. 

Jessica Bates is a mother of five children and holds Christian beliefs. Bates felt called to adopt a pair of siblings under the age of nine after losing her husband in a car crash. Her religious beliefs stopped her from affirming the idea that a male is or should try to be female, and vice versa. 

She did not vow to accept and support this idea, which resulted in the Oregon Department of Human Services denying her request for adoption. The federal and state government’s role is to “establish permanency for a child as soon as possible.” Yet it denied a mother the opportunity to adopt because of gender-centered ideas, even despite the state’s foster care system admitting 8,000 children in just a one-year span.

The denial comes as a shock to the First Amendment, and Bates hopes a judge rules the policy unconstitutional.


“The State of Oregon cannot impose its own orthodoxy on people of faith and punish them if they dissent,” said Bates’ attorney Rebekah Schultheiss. “Jessica Bates is one of countless Oregonians who want to care for children in need, but the State is excluding her because of her religious beliefs. That’s not just wrong – it’s unconstitutional.”

The case is now before the United States District Court for the District of Oregon, Pendleton Division. 

The outcome of this case will serve as an indicator of religious freedom and our liberties as Americans. Is the First Amendment still truly upheld, or are individuals who look to God’s way punished for not turning to the world’s evil ways? 

“Who will rise up for me against the wicked? Who will take a stand for me against evildoers? – Psalm 94:16