Portland’s mayoral candidate Sarah Iannarone is offering “a clean break from the string of white men who have run the city.”  Well, I guess you can just be sexist and racist right there out in the open, if you are sexist against white men.  But that’s not the main point of why I’m writing about her.

She’s also peddling much more than identity politics. Yasha Mounk posted to his Twitter feed a photo of Iannarone campaigning while wearing fashion depicting murderous dictators.

“The frontrunner to become the next mayor of Portland apparently wore a skirt with pictures of Mao and Che Guevara. While campaigning for the position. The incoherence and hypocrisy in what people get canceled for, and what we let pass without a word, remains astonishing,” he wrote.

Did I already mention both men are mass murderers?  Mass murderers who’ve killed people by the millions.  

Mao Zedong was the leader of the communist party 

How on earth could anyone make their faces into fashion?  Was Hitler’s image not available?  I’m not into “cancel culture” but this should definitely inform a person’s vote.

“Should people be kicked out of college or lose their job  for wearing a shirt* with Mao on it? Nope.  (* Assuming they wear such clothing off the job; if, in contravention of clearly stated rules, you come to the office wearing offensive political attire that is another matter.),” Mounk continues.

“Should voters refuse to support a candidate who glorifies one of the worst mass murderers of the 20th century? Absuf**kinglutely.”

I agree, but this really shouldn’t need to be said.

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