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Many things are confusing about an announcement on a San Francisco Facebook page telling the world about a feminist conference called “Heavy Breathing: Martial Arts for Feminist Journos.”  Here’s how it starts:

In this experimental workshop attendees will collectively undermine the historic valorization of hyper-masculinized approaches to journalism by learning to value approaches of empowered passivity through practicing the feminist concept of “circlusion” (the antonym of “penetration”) and the martial arts concept of “ukemi,” the art of receiving a throw.

What exactly is an example of a “hyper-masculinized approach to journalism” and how on earth can something described as “empowered passivity” be an improvement?  I guess I could attend the conference to hear more about this fascinating concept of “circlusion,” but I wouldn’t be welcome since I’m a man.

Or would I?

Isn’t gender-dysphoria the cool new thing to celebrate?  If I went to a conference designed to defeat “hyper masculinity” as a man, wouldn’t it be rude and arrogant for them to refuse my entrance based on gender? How could they even tell I am a man, since gender now resides only in one’s mind?  And come to think of it, what is “masculinity” if it’s divorced from gender?

Leftist radicals don’t ever admit the truth.  They aren’t opposed to gender stereotyping as long as they are dissing men. They aren’t opposed to hyper masculinity if it’s found in a lesbian.  They also couldn’t identify an actual “masculine approach” to journalism if asked.

They only want to push a radical agenda down the throats of every day Americans, but they’re losing. Now in their desperation, they resort to gathering in San Francisco, moving around in a certain pattern like a coven of witches around a cauldron, saying a bunch of nonsense words, and hoping the world will be different when they open their eyes.

It might just be my masculine aggression coming out, but it’s actually pretty funny to watch.

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