TI’ve said it before and I’ll undoubtedly say it many times over the next few years.  It’s simply not possible to be as liberal as woke social justice warriors want you to be.  The latest example of that is a doozy.  

Matt Lewis posted some disturbing video on Twitter of “Black Lives Matter” activists shutting down a political meeting in South Bend, Indiana in support of Pete Buttigieg. Mayor Pete has been widely mocked for not being able to garner African American support.  This criticism is so prevalent that it’s even become a meme online and been mentioned in a Saturday Night Live skit.

When people to gathered to show support for the mayor, Black Lives Matter activists showed up en force.   They shouted from the back of the room drowning out the speakers.  Then, one of them charged the person at the microphone and took over the meeting.

Here’s the ironic part. 

The meeting was being conducted by black people to show support for Buttigieg.  

The “Black Lives Matter” activists who were protesting were largely white.

Imagine the scene: a black person is speaking in support of her candidate while a while male silences her by physically taking the microphone away.  And the whole time the white guy is screaming about how Buttigieg support black people?

I’m going to need a moment. 

“Where are the black leaders who don’t have three-piece suits, leather jackets, and nice clothing?” yelled the white man from the back of the room. “Who chose these people as black leaders?”

The Washington Post has more:

Where black residents of South Bend had once confronted their white mayor, here was a black woman standing up for him and getting heckled herself — in an exchange that she labeled “a form of bigotry.

“People can have their opinions and their views,” McBride told The Washington Post. “But for them to be disrespectful, when it comes to snatching mics and shoving, is just a disgrace to our city.”

Yes, “disgrace” is one way to put it.

Thankfully, you don’t have to conjure this in your head – your imaginations might not be that powerful – because Lewis posted the actual footage, which I’m posting below.

“There was just a major ruckus at this event with prominent African-American leaders that are supporting Mayor @PeteButtigieg. People who appear to be from Black Live Matter stole the mic from councilwoman Sharon McBride,” he wrote.  He went on to point out that some of the white “Black Lives Matter” activists had Bernie hats on.

Have you ever met anyone as racist as white liberal progressives?  Here we have video evidence of white people telling black people what to think, how to express it, and getting physical when the black people weren’t compliant.

This should be a shame to the Democrats, but the only thing we’ll hear about is the racism of the red hat wearers.

Image Credit: Matt Lewis on Twitter

Hat Tip: Washington Post

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