President Joe Biden gave his State of the Union Address this week, and the five Americans who tuned in were treated to a microcosm of Washington’s cluelessness.

There were the usual gaffs (Biden at one point referred to Ukrainians as “Iranians,” at which point Kamala Harris nearly threw up), but Biden’s larger message came through loud and clear: green energy will save our economy.

Yes, you read that right. Time after time, the president claimed that he could right the ship of our sinking economy by investing more in electric cars and windmills.

The word “electric” appeared four times in the speech, “climate change” appeared twice, and “clean energy,” wind, and solar also made appearances. 

Biden promised to create “good jobs” so that Americans would be able to “withstand the devastating effects of climate change and promote environmental justice.”

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He vowed to build a “national network of 500,000 electric vehicle charging stations” and bragged that Ford is investing $11 billion in electric vehicles while GM is investing $7 billion in the same.

To ease Americans’ tax burden, Biden promised to provide tax credits to “weatherize your home and your business to be energy efficient.” He wants to “double America’s clean energy production in solar, wind” and “lower the price of electric vehicles.”

In short, Biden is banking our economic recovery on failed green energy solutions. 

This is ironic considering the fact that these industries have only survived thanks to government intervention. But it’s doubly ironic given the President’s statements supposedly in support of the people of Ukraine. 

As Convention of States covered earlier this week, the Ukrainian conflict has arisen in part because of the green energy policies Biden is promoting.

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Western countries have decreased their own production of oil and natural gas at the behest of the radical environmental lobby. But since green energy is much more expensive and less efficient than fossil fuels, those countries have turned to Russia to import those cheaper energy sources. That dependence on Russian oil emboldened Putin and hamstrung the West’s response — and led indirectly to the murder of thousands of Ukrainians.

The American people understand these connections, but President Biden believes we’re too stupid and uninformed to call him out. We might not tune in to his State of the Union speech, but we’re not letting him get away with his environmental tyranny. 

Millions of Americans have joined the Convention of States Project because only a Convention of States can limit the power, scope, and jurisdiction of the federal government. Constitutional amendments proposed at a Convention of States can restrict the federal government from regulating the energy industry and restore America’s place as the world’s energy superpower. 

The best way to defeat our enemies is to destroy their leverage. If the President won’t pursue energy independence, the American people will do it for him. And they have that power with a Convention of States.

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