Every bite into the juicy center of Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s released e-mails peels back another layer of the mask worn by the Democratic Party.

This time, the DNC’s contempt for honoring Holocaust victims is revealed. Each year Yom Hoshoah, or Holocaust Remembrance Day, is observed around the world. Many governments commemorate the memorial by releasing a statement. In May 2012, Wasserman Schultz wrote to her staff to see why a Yom Hashoah statement hadn’t already been released:

We need to do a statement from the DNC. Is there a reason we haven’t?

Staffer Kate Houghton snipped back irreverently in a reply not copied to DWS:

We aren’t going to do statements for every Jewish holiday unless she wants to do them for every religious holiday and trust me, this Catholic can give you a list of them. Also when she does an official statement it makes very little sense to have two statements out there in her voice.

Ryan Banfill seemingly joined in the mocking from his iPad:

This is about remembering the Holocaust. Never forget.

Houghton made a horrible choice and hit enter once again, firing this one back about other genocides throughout history:

Yup… or Darfur or Armenia or Rwanda or Bosnia (which PS is where my husband served). Does she want us to do one for each other those remembrance days as well?

How classy! There’s obviously no shame in the DNC game. With attitudes like this, it’s a wonder the party enjoys such a large Jewish base. Perhaps  now they can begin to see the party they support for what it truly is.

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