Democratic politicians and their media enablers use emotional language to describe the immigration crisis. For example, they call children of illegal immigrants — undocumented minors who are here because of their parents’ decisions — “dreamers.”

They purposefully use language and images to manipulate the patriotic citizens who still believe in the American dream according to the rule of law. They paint their political opponents as “anti-immigrant,” “racist,” and “xenophobic,” even though President Trump has already offered a path to legalization for more Dreamers than anyone in history.

Yet despite Democrat and media manipulation, the vast majority of the American people disagree. Far more than half believe it’s time for solid border security and a comprehensive solution to the immigration issue in the United States.

According to pollster Scott Rasmussen:

Seven out of 10 Americans also support comprehensive federal immigration reform to secure our borders and resolve the status of illegal immigrants already living in the country. Fifty-five percent believe the top priority in any such reform should be ensuring that border security measures are implemented and effective. Only 34 percent take the opposite view.

In other words, American citizens want real border security, including a wall where necessary and appropriate, and they want a resolution to the sometimes very difficult situation of people already in the country illegally.

Unfortunately, Democrats refuse to even talk about really fixing the problem.

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