On Tuesday evening, Gov. Mike Pence and Sen. Tim Kaine will participate in the first and only vice presidential debate of this unpredictable campaign season. All eyes will be on the picks of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to inform the citizenry of their plans to deal with the problems facing the country. Many people wish the tickets of both parties could be flipped, to allow these men to be featured at the top. Regardless, the country is hoping to hear a substantial debate rather than political mudslinging tonight.

With a campaign as volatile as this one, no one’s holding their breath.

Over the course of what has seemed like a very long campaign season, we’ve heard about Hillary Clintons’ supposed body doubles, Donald Trump’s nether-regions, and – somehow – Rosie O’Donnell. But during of a recent Simulated Convention of States, when leaders from all fifty states travelled to Colonial Williamsburg to identify the biggest problems facing our country, we have common sense proposals that real Americans care about.

In preparation for the vice presidential candidates, here’s a list of what they should prioritize in their discussion tonight. Below are the six proposed amendments at the Simulated Convention which would balance the power between the federal government and the states. If enacted, these amendments would signal a turning point in our nation’s history by putting Washington in check and restoring liberty back to the individual.

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