Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has been named both Time Magazine’s and Financial Times’s 2022 person of the year, in what could be interpreted as a humorous tribute.  

The leader has taken in boatloads of money as he has fought a never-ending war against an incomparable nation. 

America has given upwards of $50 billion to Ukraine in 2022, which is a quarter of Ukraine’s $200 billion GDP. From all nations combined, Ukraine has raked in about $120 billion, which is over half of its GDP.

No matter the opinion on assisting Ukraine in the war against Russia, the fact is, Zelenskyy’s lengthy war has generated quite a stream of money for the Ukrainian economy. 

Imagine the U.S. taking in a quarter of our own GDP from allies worldwide. For reference, our GDP is $24 trillion. That’s a big no!

The Financial Times wrote: “Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelenskyy is the FT’s person of the year 2022. The 44-year-old has earnt a place in history for his extraordinary display of leadership and fortitude.”

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One response to the announcement read, “You gave an award to a guy who bombed Poland (a NATO ally) and blamed it on Russia.”

Another comment read, “I mean getting 40 billions for no reason is no small feat ngl.”

The humor is evident, but the reality is dark.

Like the U.S. sent money in the form of “PPP loans” to the richest firms in the nation just to take it back on the other side, the same thing could be happening here. Not to mention, Hunter Biden has direct ties to Ukrainian businesses, just like he had to the law firm that took the largest government funding for financial “relief.”

The second highest individual ‘donor’ to Ukraine is the United Kingdom at $7.4 billion. The entire European Union combined has contributed a total of $54 billion to Zelenskyy’s nation.

It’s been one strong year of revenue for Zelenskyy and his government.

While magazines uplift him as some heroic figure, there are plenty of questionable activities that could be answered. However, answers will likely never come, but for the American public to feel like it’s not just a money laundering scheme, it would be nice for the U.S. government to provide trackable flows of these finances.

As for the media, they are successfully creating a narrative for the public to latch on to.