As Dr. Fauci’s time in the federal government comes to an end, Senator Rand Paul took an opportunity to throw his name back into the spotlight for all the disastrous decisions he made for the nation during the Covid-19 crisis.

Senator Paul asserted that it’s likely no public health figure has made a greater error in judgment than Dr. Fauci has in his role at the National Institute of Health and Human Services.  

But what specifically was the awful judgment? 

Deciding to fund gain of function research in China that allowed scientists to create superviruses that likely lead to the Covid-19 outbreak – something Fauci still refutes.

“For the last two years, he’s been covering his tracks, but we’ve caught him red-handed and he won’t get away. Historically, he will be remembered for one of the worst judgments in the history of modern medicine,” Sen. Paul said in a Fox News interview

Recently, Fauci was asked if he would redo anything in his career, to which he responded, no.

“I’m the first to admit I’m far from perfect but when you say do over, you know, I really can’t see something that I would do completely over,” Fauci claimed.

Senator Paul slammed these remarks, listing his failures and poor judgment as something that could have most definitely been changed. 

“Talk about errors. You think he might apologize to the world for funding research that allowed super viruses to be created in a lab, a lab that was not properly outfitted for safety, that people were already reporting was dangerous to support that type of research and then to look the other way and say nothing to see here,” Paul said. 

Dr. Fauci was never elected to his position by voters and he was never forced to own up for his decisions to the American people. There are problems with working in the federal government with no accountability to the people, which are clearly evident in Fauci’s response.

After decades in government, he can’t think of one thing he would do differently? Think about that. Most people with a tinge of humility can reflect on their careers and consider a thing or two they learned from and would do differently next time. 

But not Anthony Fauci.  

That’s enough hubris to show Fauci shouldn’t have been in the public sector serving the people in the first place.