Anti-Semitism is on the rise at American colleges and universities. With the spread of propaganda by pro-Palestine groups and students, the hatred of Israel and accusations of the country’s “occupation” of the region have ramped up. Meanwhile, administrators are looking the other way even when their students are actively involved in hateful and bigoted behavior.

On Monday, The New York Post published a report on several incidents, including one at New York University in 2014 where fake eviction notices were passed out to Jewish students. It was considered a harmless “prank.”

But there have also been more aggressive incidents, as the Washington Free Beacon explains:

The attacks against pro-Israel students have gone as far as calling for the death of those who practice Judaism, the Post reported.

“Death to Jews! Death to Jews!” members of the crowd shrieked.

This didn’t happen in Germany in the 1930s, nor was it a modern-day ISIS extravaganza. The hatefest occurred last year at the Million Student March at Manhattan’s Hunter College, part of the City University of New York.

Rightfully, the university opened an investigation through an outside counsel into the death chants. But as you may have guessed, it was found to be protected speech:

That same day, Chancellor Milliken issued a statement emphasizing that “Universities are places where free speech, debate and the open exchange of ideas are … necessary to our mission [but that] intolerant, hateful and bigoted speech, while it may be legally protected, is anathema to our values.”

As noted by the Beacon, this rampant anti-Semitism is occurring at a time when colleges are cracking down on hate speech and increasing punishments for students caught in the act, just not hate speech directed at Jews.

Consistency is impossible for the Left.

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