College is a place of higher learning, or at least it used to be.  Now, it’s a place where complicated issues like sex and relationships are muddled, confused, and mocked…  through the use of old Disney movies?

That’s happening in California (naturally):

A group called Creating a Rape-free Environment for Students at Chapman University is using a timeless classic to teach students about consent and sexual assault.

The group installed a large poster display of Prince Charming kissing Snow White to wake her from her sleep, but with a twist — it also features a Prince Charming leaning in to kiss a sleeping prince.

“Sleeping people CAN’T say YES,” the poster states. “Anything but a yes is NO!” The poster also lays out a definition of consent: “conscious, freely given, and obvious.”

The private, Southern California-based college prominently displays this warning to students and faculty in one of their popular buildings.  The poster is encased in glass, perhaps to protect it from any vandals.  Or maybe that’s how they wish they could protect all of their female students from the big bad world and their fellow male students.

Predictably, there’s more in the case than just the poster.  Also included is a  “sexual misconduct referrals/resources” flyer which helpfully gives contact information for “rape crisis counselors, a sexual assault hotline, the Title IX office, as well as phone numbers for public safety, the dean of students, residential life, health services, psychological counseling services, and the Irvine and Orange police departments.

Well, someone should’ve called the police when they realized the witch gave Snow White the poisonous apple, am I right?

Here’s the thing.  In the old movie, the Prince gives Snow White life through a kiss that wakes her from death.  On college campuses, administrators are trying to teach students that signs of affection bestow death.

In this case, Walt Disney is smarter than an entire college of victim culture.

Hat Tip: The College Fix

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