According to Vox, “[i]t’s okay to let your transgender kid transition — even if they might change their mind in the future.” The publication goes on to assert that “the interventions that doctors would recommend for [transgender] kids this young are completely safe and reversible.”

But Chloe Cole would beg to differ.

The 18-year-old woman recently gave a must-watch speech outlining her medical journey, delineating the details of how she transitioned to become a “boy” at age 12 and lost her breasts to a double mastectomy surgery at age 15, only to regret her life-altering transition and eventually reclaim her identity as a girl.

In one of the speech’s more emotional moments, she refuted
Vox’s and the Left’s lie that transitioning is “completely safe and reversible” when she poignantly pointed out that “the beauty of motherhood was stolen,” from her, “by medical professionals.”

Watch Chloe’s cautionary tale below:

Chloe confessed that prior to receiving her first Instagram account at the age of 11, she struggled to fit in and socialize with her peers. Upon being exposed to LGBTQ content on social media, however, she believed she had discovered a sure way to become an “accepted, celebrated, valued member of the most talked about community on earth.” She longed for a taste of the attention transgender people received, confirming the LGBTQ lifestyle has, to some extent, become a social contagion.

Gender clinics refuse to acknowledge the influence these factors have on young people. Our youth are hungry for attention, meaning, and a sense of identity. For many, transitioning can become a subconscious attempt to find that fulfillment.

But to carve up and permanently alter a human body over what very well may prove to be a momentary craze or fleeting grasp at attention is grossly irresponsible.

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As Scott Newgent pointed out in Matt Walsh’s What is a Woman? documentary, children’s hospitals make huge sums of money each time they surgically transition a minor. Why would they be content with a mere “social transition” (by which a child takes on a new name, new pronouns, and wears the gendered clothes of the opposite sex), when the real money is in medically “fixing” the bodies these kids were born with?

Chloe said her transition initially made her feel like a “celebrity,” but she had no idea just how “superficial” the attention she received truly was. She may have obtained the sense of identity she craved, but it didn’t last.

Shortly after her double mastectomy surgery, she came to regret her decision. She admitted it required “maturing a bit more” to see that her 12-year-old self was wrong about who she fundamentally wanted to be in life.

“Women can have short hair and be interested in playing sports. Men can grow their hair out and wear makeup,” she said in conclusion. “It does not change their biology.” To try and change that can result in scarring, lifelong consequences.

Thanks to brave voices like Chloe Cole’s we know that transgenderism is anything but the beautiful fantasyland the Left makes it out to be.

If the medical world really cared about transgender youth, it would give Chloe Cole a massive platform from which she could give her peers a fair warning about the potential consequences of permanently changing one’s identity for the sake of “fitting in.” Instead, it’ll ignore her story and cover up her cautionary tale.

Woefully, we see now that protecting kids is no concern of the Left.

Jakob Fay is a staff writer for the Convention of States Project, a project of Citizens for Self-Governance.

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