Being a campus social justice warrior is very demanding these days and can easily eat away time from responsibilities like doing assignments and studying. But Oberlin students have come up with a nifty idea to counter the negative effects of missing class: give us better grades!

Over thirteen hundred of them, in fact, have petitioned the school to drop all grades below ‘C’ so they can continue using their study time for activism, according to The New Yorker.

One of the student activists behind the petition, Megan Bautista, who describes herself as an “Afro-Latinx,” told the magazine that many students are “suffering academically” because they’re spending a lot of time driving to and from off-campus protests. Bautista said she feels that these efforts aren’t being supported by the college like they should:

“Students felt really unsupported in their endeavors to engage with the world outside Oberlin.”

Another campus activist, Zakiya Acey, is complaining that prior troubles with the law in addition to attending protests is causing her grades to suffer:

“Because I’m dealing with having been arrested on campus, or having to deal with the things that my family are going through because of larger systems—having to deal with all of that, I can’t produce the work they want me to do.”

Acey’s solution? Change written exams into conversations, saying, “I understand the material, and I can give it to you in different ways.”

Oberlin once caved to student demands when it adjusted the grading system in the 1970s during protests against the Vietnam War and the Kent State Shootings. But thankfully not this time, as administration has called these demands “deeply troubling.”

But if asking for good grades for doing little work wasn’t disturbing enough, these same students — being never satisfied — have also demanded an hourly activists wage while they are involved in protests. They want $8.20 per hour to shout instead of study! It’s funny how the benefits always work out best for them.

But such is the mindset on today’s college campuses. Progressive lunacy is spreading faster than knowledge.

Sources: Campus Reform, TruthRevolt

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