Go on a college tour with your kid, and university representatives will try to impress you with impressive facts about that particular institution.  However, Oberlin College — located in Ohio — has a statistic that indicates a serious problem with their college and their culture.  And it just might land them in serious legal trouble.

Last year, according to the Washington Times, every student who went through the college’s formal sexual assault adjudication process was found responsible on at least one count.”

Every single one?

Cornell Law Professor William A. Jacobson says something seems “off” about these numbers.  In a statement, he said this extremely high conviction rate “calls into question whether Oberlin’s sexual assault hearings amounted to nothing more than show trials in which the accused were presumed guilty. At least Oberlin afforded the accused an opportunity to present a defense, which is not always the case. But whether that was a meaningful opportunity, or just a procedural formality, is another matter in light of campus pressures to always believe an accuser and to fight ‘rape culture.’”

I’ll say.  One of the expelled male students has filed a lawsuit, alleging that gender discrimination is inherent in the college’s proceedings.

I’ve said this over and over, but I’ll keep repeating it.  It costs over $67,000 to send your kid to this school.  Parents, don’t send your kids to these bastions of liberalism. Just.  Say.  No.  (Apparently, enrollment is down, so maybe parents are wising up.)

Here’s what scares me the most.  What if the people who run the “formal sexual assault adjudication process” are right?  If all of these students are guilty of these serious sexual crimes, what happens?  Well, the college kicks them out of school and then releases them upon an unsuspecting public.  These people are college administrators, not people trained to deal with rapists.  

Or — more likely — they’re getting it wrong.  Their high rate of conviction (come on, they convicted everyone?) indicates innocent people are being railroaded… sacrificed at the altar of identity politics in America.

Sexual crimes are serious.  Making a mockery out of justice does nothing to help women.

Hat Tip: Washington Times

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