Brian Stelter just announced his exit from CNN… and no one is all that disappointed (well, except for maybe Brian himself).

After nine years on the job, the self-approving, hyper-partisan host of Reliable Sources will be leaving the network after his Sunday show was canceled.

As anyone who’s been paying attention knows, this has been a rough year or so for CNN. In 2021, the network fired its big-name star, Chris Cuomo, after he inappropriately assisted his brother, then-governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, dodge accusations of sexual harassment – accusations that ultimately resulted in the governor’s resignation.

Following the debacle with the Cuomo brothers, CNN suffered another humiliating loss when its president, Jeff Zucker, resigned after he failed to disclose a romantic relationship with one of his high-ranking colleagues.

Months later, CNN’s apparently “highly anticipated” streaming service, CNN+, was launched on March 29, 2022… only to be ended less than a month later due to its comically poor performance. Then, less than a week before Stelter’s departure was announced, it was revealed that Jeffrey Toobin (of notorious fame) would also be leaving the network.

Brian himself was often criticized for the smug yet bland way in which he railed ceaselessly against President Trump and conservative voters in general and his arrogant incredulity that some people – for some reason he apparently couldn’t wrap his mind around – didn’t trust CNN.

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For a network that still hides behind the pretense of “unbiased journalism,” apparently Brian Stelter was too much even for CNN. Also, his ratings were terrible. Just like CNN+’s. And Chris Cuomo’s. And pretty much every other show on the network.

The hosts on CNN evidently believe that they are superior to at least half the country, and they have no problem showing it. Day after day, show after show, they obsess over the past failures of Donald Trump and the morally pretentious January 6 Committees’ latest “discoveries” about how terrible his supporters are, all the while ignoring the very real problems affecting everyday Americans under Joe Biden.

Somehow, viewers are not all that interested in hearing the same network that called the rioters who senselessly burned cities to the ground “mostly peaceful” lecture them relentlessly. They’ve got better things to do than listen to yet another Brian Stelter rant about “Trumpworld’s dishonorable conduct.”

The Great Exodus of “important” figures from CNN is a direct result of viewers losing interest in watching a network that is completely out of touch with the thoughts and feelings of middle America. It’s one thing if CNN is partisan (which it definitely is), but add sanctimony to that, and viewers will switch the channel quicker than CNN can fire its hosts.

If CNN wants to save itself, it’ll do more than just drop a few obnoxious faces from its lineup; it’ll drop the self-righteousness, self-aggrandizing, holier-than-thou attitude that permeates the whole network and simply stick to the facts.

Jakob Fay is a former SIA Coordinator and current writer for the Convention of States Project, a project of Citizens for Self-Governance.