The past week has proven that even with leftist propaganda becoming intertwined in all aspects of American life, conservative voices are making an impact and causing multi-billion dollar corporations pushing ‘woke’ ideas to rethink their corporate political stance.

From Netflix and Disney entertainment services to media biases on Twitter and in the mainstream news, it’s undeniable that progressive ideas have infiltrated the cultural landscape of America. 

It’s become nearly impossible, especially for parents with young children, to avoid the gender identity confusion being pushed online, and it’s clear that customers are not going to keep putting up with it.

Netflix shares fell over 35% last week, the biggest fall in nearly two decades. While the company’s price increase amid rapid inflation is likely a driving factor, the streaming platform has also gotten heat for sexualizing children on the show “Cuties” and pushing ridiculous content like the new show, “He’s Expecting,” in which they literally try to make viewers believe a man can become pregnant.  

Disney’s child-grooming tactics and woke gender teachings through shows and movies have become the latest eye-opener for parents. To disavow the company, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis proposed ending the self-governing status for Disney last week that could cost the conglomerate $200 million per year. 

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The Florida legislature agreed and quickly passed a bill removing the special tax break last week, and by Friday it was signed into law by DeSantis. 

In other positive news for conservative voices, CNN+ launched just a month ago and announced that it’s already shutting down. Only 10,000 people were watching the news service per day, a major flop for the far-left network. Even liberals won’t pay to watch CNN.

In perhaps the biggest news of all, Twitter’s board agreed this week to sell the company to billionaire and free-speech advocate Elon Musk. Twitter has shut down many conservative voices in the past several years, including a sitting president of the United States. Musk wasn’t shy about his motivations for buying the social media giant: he wants to make free speech free again on Twitter.

“Free speech is the bedrock of a functioning democracy, and Twitter is the digital town square where matters vital to the future of humanity are debated,” Mr. Musk said in a statement announcing the deal

The cultural wars will continue, but this week serves as a good reminder that there are other critical thinkers out there who aren’t going to keep supporting the propaganda machine.

Silene Dogood, who writes under Benjamin Franklin’s famous pseudonym, is an intern with the Convention of States Project, a project of Citizens for Self-Governance.