Actress Bette Midler recently dubbed African American supporters of President Trump “blackground.”  Of course, like most truly awful comments, this happened on Twitter.  

She was commenting on a photograph taken at a Trump rally which had black people in attendance.

 “Look, there are African American men in this shot! How much did he pay them to be ‘blackground’?” the 73-year-old asked her followers.  

In a day when everything is perceived as racist, this really is. It unfairly assumes all black people must believe what white Hollywood liberals believe, it takes away their own volition when it comes to political choice, and it insinuates that black people only would care about political issues if they’re getting paid.

That’s a lot of inaccurate and offensive tropes to squeeze into one tweet, but Midler managed to do it.  Of course, you probably won’t hear much about that, because the main stream media is too busy putting Trump’s tweets under the microscope to call out people from their own side.

The Left needs to come to grips with this cold reality: black people could like Trump for many legitimate reasons: the low unemployment, his “put America first” mantra, and the great economy.  

Or, maybe they have just tired of the arrogance of the Hollywood elite who tell them they can only vote one way to stay in their good graces.  Either way, the only thing worse than Midler’s comments is the fact that the mainstream media will let her get away with them.

Image Credit: Alan Light on Flickr

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