’Tis a rare celebrity who ventures to break left-wing, transgender orthodoxy—yet that is exactly what Beach Boys’ singer Mike Love did. And while he may soon be canceled for it, evidently, his fans loved the joke.

At a recent concert, Love quipped that the band’s hit 1963 single, “Surfer Girl,” may get him in trouble due to its “gendered language.”

“At any rate, this next song, I’m a little concerned about doing on account of—it’s gender specific,” the singer jokingly confessed. “And I hope there’s nobody from Budweiser here. Or the FBI.”

The politically incorrect remark, referencing the beer manufacturer’s ill-fated partnership with trans-identifying TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney, earned the overwhelming approval of the audience, who thundered their laughter and applause. Others reported that Love has been doing this for years, sometimes joking about renaming the song “Surfer They/Them.”

That Beach Boys fans seem to generally approve of such so-called “transphobic” language is hardly surprising considering the ongoing boycott against Bud Light. Ever since Mulvaney promoted beer cans engraved with his likeness, the company has been in a tailspin. Sales and stocks plummeted, and Bud Light lost its ranking as one of the top 10 beers in America. To make matters worse, Mulvaney turned against the company, accusing them of ditching him.

Of course, Budweiser was not the only company to endorse Mulvaney (and suffer the consequences for it). The man who grossly flaunts his phony “womanhood” has secured endorsements from Ulta, Kate Spade, and Nike, among others.

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As I wrote in April, “A caring society would intervene on Dylan’s behalf…. It would bury his fantasies in obscurity so as to prevent the impressionable from being influenced. Above all, a caring society would not shower him with affirming recognition. Unfortunately, corporate America’s response to Dylan proves we may be a ‘tolerant’ society, but we are not a caring one.” On the bright side, it seems consumers are willing to correct that course.

But celebrities, corporate America, and the media are still silent, too afraid to speak out. In fact, that is the primary reason “female” charlatans are still allowed to run roughshod over real women. The powers that be simply will not speak the truth.

In fact, just this week, a man was crowned “Miss Netherlands” in a tragic display of transgender pageantry. He will now compete in this year’s Miss Universe pageant.

“Considering the fact that we live in a post-Truth world, I wasn’t even expecting anything else,” tweeted commentator Eva Vlaardingerbroek. “It’s all so predictable and unoriginal at this point.”

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If only everyone had Mike Love’s courage, this sort of madness would not be tolerated. Of course, I am not saying that Love hates trans people or that he is some right-wing extremist. But in today’s world, any celebrity who publicly ridicules the left’s aversion to gender-exclusive language either lives under a rock (and is not aware that such archaic language is no longer “socially acceptable”) or has guts. I suspect Love falls into the latter of the two camps.

In 12 days, on July 22, “Surfer Girl” will celebrate its 60th anniversary—6 decades of proud gendered language. So let’s crank it up, not only to remember a genuinely great song but a time when no one thought twice about calling a song “Surfer Girl.” Nowadays, if someone were to make that song, they might have to name it “Surfer Birthing Person” or “Menstruating Person.” Thank God we have Mike Love to stop them.

Jakob Fay is a staff writer for the Convention of States Project, a project of Citizens for Self-Governance.

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