I have not watched a single Dylan Mulvaney video that did not make me sad for him. Of course, his videos are disturbing, disgusting, and insulting to women. But they are also saddening.

His “womanhood” hoax is degrading to himself and the women he exaggeratedly spoofs. And with each new entry into his “Days of Girlhood” series, his deep unwellness betrays itself.

Most sane people can see that Dylan is unhappy, unfulfilled, and mentally unsound. Despite his facade of extravagant frivolity, there can be no other explanation for a man carrying himself in such an unseemly manner.

@dylanmulvaney Doll for life @hal.baddie ♬ original sound – Devin Halbal

@dylanmulvaney 2 DAYS TIL SHOWTIME!!!!!! livestream tickets in bio 💓💓 #trans #daysofgirlhood ♬ original sound – glamrock Freddy

Clearly, Dylan Mulvaney is unwell.

And he needs our help, not our approval.

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A caring society would intervene on Dylan’s behalf, lovingly counseling him out of his unhinged delusion. It would bury his fantasies in obscurity so as to prevent the impressionable from being influenced.

Above all, a caring society would not shower him with affirming recognition.

Unfortunately, corporate America’s response to Dylan proves we may be a “tolerant” society, but we are not a caring one.

The confused man has been endorsed by Ulta, Kate Spade, Nike, Bud Light, and many more major companies, all of which have normalized an abnormal condition.

Simply because he calls himself a “she.”

Imagine the cruelty of showering such affirmation on an anorexic person. Or someone with schizophrenia. By refusing to confront their unwellness, we would condemn them to a lifetime of uncured sickness.

That is exactly what we’re doing to Dylan.

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The poor man’s sole claim to fame is his gender confusion. He has done absolutely nothing to merit being almost a household name. Nothing, that is, except call himself a woman.

The dogma of transgenderism refuses to let us consider the possibility that the problem at hand has nothing to do with “transphobic vitriol” but is rooted in Dylan’s own dysphoria. If Dylan is unhappy, proponents of transgenderism would contend, it is not his fault for fighting nature. It is our fault for failing to validate him and his condition properly.

In reality, however, we have done far too much to validate gender dysphoria. We are doing Dylan a disservice. We are exploiting an unwell man’s unwell condition for the advancement of an ideology that will produce more unwell individuals.

Elevating his national profile, brands like Nike and Ulta have sentenced not only Mr. Mulvaney but perhaps millions of his followers to a miserable fate.

We must realize it is neither cruel nor hateful for conservatives to sound the alarm about Dylan Mulvaney. It is, perhaps, the most caring thing we can do.

Jakob Fay is a staff writer for the Convention of States Project, a project of Citizens for Self-Governance.

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