In recent months, big-government elitists have become increasingly angry with forms of speech that insult those in charge of the federal government. If Americans can’t criticize their own government and its leaders, what does the future of freedom of speech look like?

Millions have become aware of the phrase ‘Let’s go Brandon’ as a way to discreetly express dissatisfaction of President Biden, but the left has jointly rejected this speech by comparing people who use the phrase to Nazis, the KKK and ISIS.

Recently, an individual said the slogan directly to Biden on the phone during a Christmas Eve event. The move prompted mainstream media to become increasingly protective of the president by saying how awful those three words are.

The slogan has been called “vulgar,” “vitriol,” and a “right-wing slur.”

“What has become a traditional White House holiday call with children tracking Santa Claus took an awkward turn this year when one father used the opportunity to insult the president using a slur that has become popular in right-wing circles,” news outlet Slate wrote.

“I don’t think it’s fundamentally about incivility. I think it is fundamentally about insurrection,” Ron Brownstein from The Atlantic said

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In many authoritarian countries, speech is something so restricted that criticizing the government or the head of state is illegal. In Socialist Cuba, public criticism of the government can be met with retaliation, and the same goes for North Korea, where statements against the government can lead to arrest or consignment to a re-education camp.

North Korea even banned sarcasm in 2016 after the public began their own undercover insult of Kim Jong-un and the government. The regime took the statement “a fool who cannot see the outside world” as an insult towards the leader and common idioms and jokes against the government were thereafter banned. 

Thankfully, Let’s Go Brandon is still in full swing, and there’s little the media can do to stop the people from chanting the phrase.

Still, for a political ideology the defends flag burning and pornography as “free speech,” it’s highly hypocritical to silence fellow Americans for criticizing the president. We’re a long way from becoming North Korea, but the left’s criticism of Let’s Go Brandon comes from the same mindset: in order to protect the state and its work, all dissent must be silenced.

In that environment, Americans rightly worry how much longer the First Amendment can last.