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Cosmopolitan had an article about 7 women who could possibly be the first female president.  Well, what do you know…  they left all of the strong conservative women off the list.   Truth Revolt points out at least two things wrong with their highly-partisan list:

1.  Not a man on the list.  Haven’t you watched the news, Cosmo? Believing that gender is even a thing is so 2016.  Your cisnormative list really offends all of the men who could be President and wanted to be included on your “Women who Could be President” list.  Please, as liberal publications such as yours have encouraged us, think beyond the genitals.

In case you think I’m serious, I’m not. I’m perfectly fine with magazines having a list of females.  (Heck, I was even okay with Mitt Romney’s “binders full of women.”)   It’s just that liberals complain all the time and never play by their own rules.

Here’s the second (real) problem:

2. Not a conservative on the list. I know it’s hard to live in a bubble and have any semblance of perspective, but…  literally half the nation is conservative.  Could you really not find any “eminently qualified women” from the GOP to put on your list, Cosmo?

Of course they forgot that the GOP existed.  Their mentality of ignoring half the nation and pretending that we don’t exist is exactly what brought us Donald Trump. Keep it up.  We’ll get 4 more years of him, thanks to drivel like this.

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