The University of Minnesota invited a professor to lecture on “dismantling whiteness,” because the prof  believes white people present an “existential threat” to our nation.  Yes, really.  Feminist professor Lisa Anderson-Levy, author of “The Elephant in the Room: A ‘Grown Up’ Conversation about Whiteness,” believes that “teaching is a political act.”  And she’s ready to impose those politics onto the unsuspecting UNM campus.

Campus Reform has the details:

During her lecture, Anderson-Levy is slated to speak on a number of issues, including “the violence of whiteness” and how colleges and universities in the United States may be complicit in perpetuating this violence.

“This presentation explores the ubiquity and violence of whiteness and the ways in which academic institutions are poised to either reproduce or interrupt these discourses,” writes Anderson-Levy, referring to herself in the third person.

“She argues that whiteness poses an existential threat to social, political, and economic life in the U.S. and proposes that decentering whiteness is one of the most urgent social dilemmas of our time and demands our immediate attention,” the abstract adds.

Anderson-Levy will also speak on how college administrators can “decenter whiteness” at their institutions, “including in our budgets, our curricula, our disciplinary genealogies, our interactions with students, and our relationships with each other as colleagues.”

I know this game is getting old, but let’s play it again anyway. Everyone, let’s pretend for one moment what would happen if a professor suddenly started lecturing on “dismantling blackness” which presents an “existential threat” to America.  How quickly would that professor be fired, publicly shamed, and run out of town on the rails?

My guess would be less than 1 second.

Here’s the kicker.  She co-leads on a $600,000 project which is supposed to nurture “diversity, inclusivity, and equity” at Beloit College.  Let’s take a moment to let that sink in.

So, parents, as you are considering where to send your kids to college, why not consider the administration’s tolerance for this sort of hatred and racism?  I don’t know about you, but those would be deal breakers for me and my family.

By the way, it costs $39,655 for out-of-state tuition for one student.

I’d say — even if it was free — the price would be too high.

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Hat Tip: Campus Reform

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