Guess how many people attend UCLA?  42,000.

Guess how many recently went to a conference about the oh-so-trendy topic of  “toxic masculinity?” 10.

Yes, I’m surprised that many people showed.  Surely some of those people just landed there mistakenly?

The UCLA Intergroup Relations Program wanted to hold a discussion about “the silence surrounding toxic masculinity, emotional repression, locker room talk, and broader social norms.”    They thought this was a pressing social need, in light of President Trump’s “locker room talk.”

The organizers released an announcement on Facebook:

“In lieu of recent events (presidential ‘locker room’ talk and UCLA fraternities in-house alcohol ban), we would like to invite the UCLA community to dialogue about how toxic masculinity manifests itself on our campus.”

That press release, obviously, misuses the phrase “in lieu of.”  So maybe the UCLA students just didn’t want to attend a seminar run by people who didn’t even know how to write a Facebook post. The announcement continues: “While we hope to discuss Greeklife, we also want to touch upon the silence surrounding toxic masculinity, emotional repression, locker room talk, and broader social norms. We plan on having a safe, productive, and honest dialogue and we hope you can join us!”  

Or maybe people didn’t come because they absolutely hated their motto, “Bro, Let’s Talk: Toxic Masculinity and Greek Life at UCLA.”

Or maybe — just maybe — men are sick and tired of being shamed by the arbiters of political correctness.

In case you have no idea what “toxic masculinity” is, count yourself amongst the lucky ones.  Some people on the left believe that masculinity needs to be examined and redefined; they believe traditionally masculine traits (such as protectiveness, courage, and strength) are inherently evil and culturally undesirable.  Feminists for years have complained about men opening doors for them, but this goes well beyond that.  This strikes at the very heart of what it means to be a man.

No wonder no one showed up.

I hope UCLA finally gets the message loud and clear:  No one’s buying this sexist, radical ideology any more.

Image Credit: Tim Samoff

Hat Tip: College Fix

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