Protests everywhere seem to have been infiltrated by agitators – black and white — who want to cause chaos. 

Many incidents of black people begging white “agents of destruction” to stop destroying property have been recorded and shared on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

For example, watch this white punk absolutely destroying a police car, while a black man asks him to stop.  He says, in desperate anger near the end, “You’re not even black!”

Note that the kid also flips off a girl who asks him to stop, before he goes back to his work.

But, he wasn’t a kid after all.   He was a twenty year old.  Police were able to identify him from the video and issue a warrant for his arrest.  Seeing his parents bring him into the station today caused much rejoicing around the internet.  He looked a little less defiant.

Hopefully he gets serious time in jail for this.  The amount of pain he has caused is literally incalculable.

Hat Tip: The Blaze

Image Credit: Wikipedia

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