Take a deep breath and read the following paragraph.  Behold the state of our nation, as depicted on the digital pages of the Huffington Post:

I am a nonbinary trans menstruator ― someone with a uterus that bleeds monthly, but who identifies outside of the fixed categories of male and female. Because of that, I have to navigate the challenges of getting my period every month in a world that refuses to acknowledge that not everyone who gets their period is a woman, and not every woman gets their period.

In other words, this female author is pretending to be a man, and has created a new thing called, “menstrual dysphoria” because it sounds better than “mental illness.” She wants the world to bend to her delusion.  And HuffPo seems to think we should as well. Listen to her complain about her travails of finding feminine products that suit her particular needs, as a person who believes she is a boy:

When I run out of products, I have to go looking for a pad, tampon or even a cup that’s not awash in the traditionally feminine coding of pinks, purples and flowers. I slink down under the gaze of those “Feminine Hygiene” signs at Target, CVS and Walgreens and try to grab anything that won’t make my period dysphoria worse. If you thought just having cramps and mood swings was bad, try experiencing all of that while literally having a sign hanging over your head telling everyone around you that you don’t belong.

Wait, what?  What, pray tell, is so “feminine” about pink, purple, and flowers?  Is this person forcing sexual stereotypes on America while pretending to be doing the opposite?
Of course, her diatribe doesn’t make sense.  You can’t expect her to string logical sentences together if she can’t even admit what her monthly, periodic reminder tells her: she is a woman.

I won’t accept this nonsense as real.  Nor will millions upon millions of other mentally healthy Americans who understand and accept absolute biological realities.

Hat Tip: Huffington Post

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