You know how Democrats love women?  No, I’m not talking about how Bill Clinton loved them.  I’m talking about how every single liberal espouses the notion that women are high, exalted, unable to lie, and superior to men in every way.  

But watch how quickly their feminist esteem evaporates when the woman in question is a conservative.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) repeatedly shut down Republican congresswoman Elise Stefanik during the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry hearing of former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch. He not only interrupted her, he wouldn’t even let her speak when Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) yielded his time to Stefanik.  She took the floor and started to talk, but didn’t get very far.  The Daily Wire provided a transcript:

Nunes: I know Ms. Stefanik you had a few quick questions for the ambassador.  I yield to you Ms. Stefanik.

Stefanik: Thank you, Mr. Nunes. Ambassador Yovanovitch–

Schiff: The gentlewoman will suspend. The gentlewoman will suspend.

Stefanik: What is the interruption for this time?

Schiff: The gentlewoman will suspend, you’re not recognized. Mr. Nunes–

Nunes: I just recognized Ms. Stefanik.

Schiff: Under the House Res. 660 you are not allowed to yield time except to counsel.

Stefanik: The ranking member to another member of Congress.

Schiff: Nope, nope. That is not accurate.

Nunes: You’re gagging the gentlewoman from New York?

Stefank: That is accurate. Ambassador Yovanovitch I want to thank you for being here today–

Schiff: The gentlewoman will suspend, you’re not recognized.

Stefanik: This is the fifth time that you have elected members of Congress, duly-elected members of Congress–

Schiff: The gentlewoman will suspend.

Nunes: Mr. Chair, we control the time and customary to this committee, who ever controls the time can yield to whoever they wish. If we have members of Congress who have a few questions, it seems appropriate that we would let Ms. Stefanik ask her question.

Schiff: Mr. Nunes, you or minority counsel are recognized.

Okay, then… A man shouldn’t treat a woman like this in a grocery store, let along during a proceeding with such political import.

Stefanik tweeted the video of the exchange with the note: “Once again, Adam Schiff flat out REFUSES to let duly elected Members of Congress ask questions to the witness, simply because we are Republicans. His behavior is unacceptable and he continues to abuse his Chairmanship.”

Just imagine for one second if the parties of these people were reversed.  Stefanik would become famous, memes would pop up online and on tee shirts along the lines of “Nevertheless she persisted.”

But, because Democrats do not truly appreciate the voice of women — only liberal women — Stefanik will be mocked and marginalized. War on women, in deed.

Watch the exchange below:

Image Credits: Gage Skidmore on Flickr and Fortune Conferences on Flickr

Hat Tip: The Daily Wire

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