As Americans become fed up with federal government corruption, support for CSG and a Convention of States springs up all over the nation.

In a recent article by the Marine Corps Times, a veteran calls on his brothers and sisters in arms to protect state rights:

I would like to appeal to my fellow military veterans to support state legislators in their efforts to ensure the survivability of our American republic as a long-term remedy for many of the governance problems plaguing our nation at the federal level, such as lack of accountability, federal fiscal irresponsibility, widespread corruption and abuses of power. It’s time for us to get involved in a major way.

The path to that involvement is the authority that state governments have in Article V of the Constitution to call for a Convention of States for the purpose of proposing amendments to the Constitution — something that has never been held since the Constitution was adopted in 1788.

Tying in CSG, the article goes on to explain what our organization does and what we support:

A group called Citizens for Self-Governance works with state legislators in over 40 states and is sponsoring an organization called the COS Project. Over 300,000 supporters and volunteers nationwide are involved in the project, which encourages and supports state legislators in their efforts to pass COS resolutions in their states.

But even with all these supporters and volunteers, there is substantial opposition to a COS by people who, for one reason or another, do not want to change the status quo in Washington, D.C. This is why we veterans need to step up and actively support the state governments as they try to turn things around for our country.

To veterans across the nation, thank you for your service and support; it is invaluable. Without it–there is no hope for change. With it–we have a very bright future.

This piece by the Marine Corps Times is a wonderful resource for veterans looking to become involved. Read the full article here.